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Apr 15, 2016

Jen "The Talent" recounts her most recent bouts with anxiety, the amount of time she has for stupid mother fuckers, and brings you a rapid-fire Netflix movie roundup inspired by a boy on the East Coast. Plus, some excellent punk rock!

Spruce Bringsteen - God Bless Destruction
Trophy Lungs - Exit 28
The Copyrights - Never Move Your Back Row
Nervosas - Moral Panic
RVIVR - Real Mean
Dingus - Wherefore Art Thou Jerks
Rational Anthem - I Wish I Could Be Happy
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Rip You to Shreds
Hospital Job - First Place in Competitive Grave Digging
Royal Headache - Wouldn't You Know

Apr 8, 2016

Chris spits it solo to discuss his sensual aesthetic, to ponder rocking locally, and say goodbye to an old friend. Don't forget, Weekend Quality LIVE is coming to the Pharmacy in Philly with Mikey Erg, Goddamnit, Podacter, and Side Bitch on April 22!

School Damage - Colour Me Regressed
Gymshorts - Scumdog
Hot Blood - Class Warfare
Guantanamo Baywatch - Boy Like Me
Tacocat - Psychedelic Quinceañera
Hound - Little One
Bleached - For the Feel
Sheer Mag - Worth The Tears
Sunshine and the Rain - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Pool Party - Favorite Girls

Apr 1, 2016

Chris and guest Shannon Perez (Side Bitch, I Hope You Die, Strange Things Done In the Midnight Sun) talk about cactus disasters, the guy from Third Eye Blind's third eye, podcast outfits, and WEEKEND QUALITY LIVE, April 22 at the Pharmacy in Philadelphia. With music!

Plus, review Weekend Quality on iTunes for a chance to co-host an episode with us!

The Dopamines - Try This Kids At Home

Podacter - Die Yuppy Scum

Erika Atrophy - No Luck

Beach Slang - Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas

No Parents - Bully Girl

Occult Detective Club - Third Way

Jetty Boys - Gimme Your Love

The Heat Tape - 21st Century Turd

Dirty Fences - White Lies

King Tuff - Screaming Skull

Mar 25, 2016

Jen "The Talent" hits the mic solo and laments the passage of time, ponders the realities of clapping off-beat, and plays all the punk rock hits you've come to expect; no, demand!

The Ergs! - Blue

The Raging Nathans - Not Giving Up

Chinese Telephones - Back to You Again

Cayetana - Age of Consent

The Breeders - Cannonball

Lemuria - Cannonballs to Hurt

The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Talk Too Much

The Capitalist Kids - On My Mind

Vacation- Big Scary Dudes

Joyce Manor - Constant Headache

Mar 18, 2016

Chris and his guest Shannon Perez (Side Bitch, I Hope You Die, Strange Things Done In the Midnight Sun) play selections from bands they're looking forward to seeing at SXSW! They also discuss storming elitist SPIN Magazine parties, and ending up passed out on the floor before the headliner.

Night Birds- Can't Get Clean

Shannon and the Clams- My Man

Mean Jeans- License 2 Chill


Mind Spiders- Cold

Side Bitch- Wild at Heart

NOFX- The Bag


TV Tramps- Baby Girl

Shark Muffin - Quarter Machine

The Spits- Don't Shoot


The Riverboat Gamblers - A Choppy Yet Sincere Apology

Mar 11, 2016

Your hosts explore the many facets of the disgusting human body and related subjects, including Jen's dark reasons for entering the medical profession, arachnids crawling onto your brain, and confusing scrotal contents. All this, Chris passes the NCLEX, and ten tracks of blistering punk rock.

Mean Jeans - Nite Vision

The Transgressions - I Wanna Be Your Christian Slater

Potato Rocket - Bad Habits

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - Julie (Hang Out A Little Longer)

I Hope You Die - Feelin' Real Sick

Mind Spiders - No Filter

Screaming Females - Ripe

Steve Layman - Repose

Bully - Trying

Vacation Bible School - Back of the Bus

Mar 4, 2016

On this Very Special Episode, Jen and Chris present music from the great nation of Canada, one of the planet's leading producers of punk rock. Your hosts also talk about going back to give advice 15-year-old them and blasting offensive songs at work.

The Hextalls - Ramones T-Shirt

Chixdiggit! - I Remember You

PUP - Guilt Trip

Sonic Avenues - OCD Vibes

The Creeps - Cancer

Steve Adamyk Band - My Enemy

The White Wires - Be True to Your School ('Til You Get Kicked Out)

The Isotopes - Operation Vamos

Crusades - Attic

The Visitors - San Andreas

Feb 25, 2016

Chris and Jen fight through hell to talk about ear safety, the best character on Will and Grace, Marc Maron's cats, what hand tattoos do to Jen, and giving Al Gore the finger. All this, and punk rock!

Dead to Me - Still Heartbeat

Iron Reagan - Miserable Failure

Pup- DVP

FIDLAR - West Coast

Iron Chic - Sounds Like A Pretty Brutal Murder

Boys- New Car

Hard Girls - Sign of the Dune

Cheap Girls - Short-Cut Days

Smoking Popes - How Dangerous

Dear Landlord - A Little Left

Feb 19, 2016

Chris talks to himself about the movie theater he went to that didn't do a great job serving dinner.

Not Scientists - I'm Brainwashing You

The Max Levine Ensemble - American

Mega - A Fantastic Fear Of Everything

Western Addiction - Cold-Hearted Maceration

Pink Eye - Pizza Girl

Indonesian Junk - Shelly Shelly (Don't Break My Heart)

Royal Headache - Never Again

Vic Ruggiero - Neatly

The Snails - Walking Softly Down Broad Street

The Little Richards - Slug Queen

Feb 12, 2016

In these days of difficult-to-pronounce band names, Chris and Jen bring you talk of special meat, emergency Pez, money on our loins, and Mass Giorgini spinning in his grave. All this, plus the regrettable return of inside jokes, and the inaugural edition of Adam Fletcher Facebook Friend Request Update.

The Arrivals - Simple Pleasures In America

The Manges - Body Bags 2

Direct Hit - More of the Same

Antarctigo Vespucci - I'm Giving Up on U2

Pity Party - Dishwashers

Lemuria - Wise People

Low Culture - Oh Jazelle

Night Birds - King Kong

Maiden Mars - Choke

Dingus - Don Quixote

Feb 5, 2016
John Jughead Pierson (Screeching Weasel, Even in Blackouts, The Mopes, Jughead's Basement Podcast) is here
so is Jen
we play Jughead's playlist, and he tells stories about each of the songs and how they shaped his life, musically and otherwise

Screeching Weasel - What We Hate
Red Cross - Cover Band
The Lillingtons - Lillington High
Circle Jerks - Coup D'etat
Adrenalin O.D. - The Nice Song
Angry Samoans - Lights Out
Even In Blackouts - 517 E. Highland
Mixtapes - Bad Parts
The Manges - Blame Game
The Promise Ring - Pink Chimneys
The Mopes - I Don't Know How To Say Goodbye


Jan 29, 2016

Featuring recordings from Weekend Quality LIVE, C-Fabs returns solo for a deafeningly amazing edition of Weekend Quality! 


Teenage Bigfoot:
Yer Eyez
Heavy Dayz

The Young Rochelles:
Return of the Skunk Ape
Cannibal Island
My Stomach Hates My Guts
Ugly Life

Honah Lee:
I Should Go
A Loss For Words
Party Goggles
Time Flies
The Accommodator

Jan 24, 2016

Netflix with Fitz and Weekend Quality with Chris Fabulous square off in movie trivia! Recorded on location at The Fire as part of WEEKEND QUALITY LIVE! Make sure you attend the next show to get your hands on some Fabulous prizes

Jan 22, 2016
Jen "the Talent" is here! She and Chris talk about what a treat "water Popsicles" are, being on the news in New Jersey, what the arm bone's connected to, and C-Fabs' physical resemblance to Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Plus tunes!
Dig It Up - Eyes On Me
The Little Richards - Keep It In Your Jeans
Titus Andronicus Lookalike/Lost My Mind (DJ)
Tartar Control - Brush Your Teeth
The Barren Marys - DIY
Dark Thoughts - I Get By 
Copyrights - The World Is Such a Drag
Muffs - Like You Don't See Me
Hurry - Shake it Off
Hospital Job - Never Sleep Again


Jan 15, 2016

In our final episode before our first Weekend Quality LIVE of 2016, Chris Fabulous and special guest cohost Shannon Perez (Strange Things Done In the Midnight Sun, I Hope You Die, Side Bitch) played  songs from none of the bands appearing at the show next week! Make sure you stop by the Fire in Philly on 1/21 for Weekend Quality LIVE and don't forget to check out our Monday movie talk show, Netflix with Fitz

This week:

Sea Creature - Circuit
Pale Angels - Piss Water
Strange Things Done In the Midnight Sun - Acetylene
Shannon and the Clams - Telling Myself
Ex Hex - Waste Your Time
I Hope You Die - Landlord
Bodega Satellite - Puente Roto
R. Ring - Steam
Billy Liar - The Coast Is Clear
Side Bitch - Where It Started
Night Birds - Mutiny At Muscle Beach
Jan 8, 2016

In episode 27 of Weekend Quality Chris Fabulous is joined by Jen "The Talent" Perkins for 40 minutes of pop punk chat and kickass tunes!

Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man

Sonic Avenues - New Vogues

Chumped - Something About Lemons

Dan Vapid and the Cheats - If You're Not Happy, You Should Go

Pujol - Mission From God

Hospital Job - In On The Pill Taker

Pup -Dark Days

The Creeps - It's Not Right

The Murderburgers - Gimmie Gimmie Negativity

Jeff Rosenstock - The Low

Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year you filthy goons!

Dead Mechanical - New Alchemy
Dead Mechanical - Off a Bridge
Dead Mechanical - Last Show
Worriers - Unwritten
The Max Levine Ensemble - My Valerian
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Cheers
Teenage Bigfoot - Heavy Dayz
The Young Rochelles - Ugly Life
Delete History - Night of the Meek
Honah Lee - Sex 'N' Cigarettes

Dec 25, 2015

In a very special Christmas edition of Weekend Quality, Jack "The Wallet" Fitzsimmons takes you on a wintry journey through Christmas past, present and future. Make sure you check out his new show, Netflix With Fitz and RSVP to WEEKEND QUALITY LIVE on 01/21/2016! 

This week:

The Hextalls - Ouch, My Childhood

The Copyrights - Expatriate Blues

City Mouse - Really Really

Amanda X - Dream House

GODDAMNIT! - Same Old Story

Honah Lee - Driftin

The Dopamines - 10 Stories

Direct Hit! - White Robes

Isotopes - Night Bus Home to You

Screaming Females - Criminal Image

Dec 18, 2015

C-Fabs, Jen "The Talent" Perkins and Fitz return in part 2 of the Weekend Quality end of 2015 special! This week:

The official Weekend Quality top 5 albums of 2015

Special guests inculding...

Matt Dorsey (Dead Mechanical) 

Kat Naden (The Horrible and the Miserable, Strait A's, The God Damn Doo Wop Band) 

Kyle Serlington (Delete History) 

Devin Hextall (The Hextalls) 

Aaron Stormo (The Emersons) 

Dan Bress (Dead Mechanical) 

Nicole “Nikki” Stixx (The Hextalls) 

Simon Lamb (Dan Vapid and the Cheats) 

Jesse Rhodes (Potato Rocket) 

Drew Crowley (Jeffie Crumb: Dink Detective) 

The Electric Grandmother 

Chris Thacker (Insubordination Records, Sounds Radical Records) 

Bruisy (Mealy Mouth, Miracle Violence) 

Rookie Rochelle (The Young Rochelles)

And of course, all the tunes fit for your weekend! 

Yeehaw! - Underdog Season 

The Isotopes - Total Juicehead 

The Isotopes - Bleacher Creature Girl 

Ought - Men For Miles 

FIDLAR - West Coast 

Carly Rae Jepsen - When I Needed You 

Skinny Genes - Words With Friends With Benefits 

Honah Lee - Driftin' 

Honah Lee - Time Flies 

Vacation - Like Snow 

Hop Along - Waitress 

The Isotopes - Hasta La Vista, Baby 

Bob Dylan - Stay With Me 

White Reaper - Pills 

Vacation - Every Direction 

Vacation - I Wish I Could Be Someone Else 

Nevertime High - Last Night's Memories 

Hospital Job - Tried It All, Trying Again 

Silentó - Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) 

Teenage Bottlerocket - Can't Quit You 

The Unlovables - Second Date 

The Unlovables - Miracle Braves 

The Queers - Chewy Chewy 

Rational Anthem - Fuck Me, Right? 

Night Birds - Mutiny at Muscle Beach 

The Headies - Hawkman 

Screaming Females - It's Not Fair 

Screaming Females - Burning Car

Dec 11, 2015

Weekend Quality returns from a much-needed hiatus with our biggest episode yet! Chris invites Jack Fitzsimmons and Jen Perkins to help present the Weekend Quality top-10 albums of 2015! Tunes! Talk! Laughs! Updates on the next Weekend Quality LIVE! What else do you people want??? Check out our new show, Netflitx With Fitz, premiering on Monday! Part 2 coming next week!



Titus Andronicus - No Future Part IV : No Future Triumphant
Titus Andronicus - Dimed Out
The Unlovables -Miracle Braves
The Raging Nathans - Dark Days
Giant Eagles - Howl of the Wolf
Dark Thoughts - Fallin' Out
Worriers - Yes All Cops
Worriers - Good Luck
Ghost - Cirice
Andy Social and the Antidotes - The World Goes On
The Coneheads - Out of Control
Iron Chic - Y's
The Hextalls - Who's the #1 Cop
The Hextalls - Let's Build Robots
Night Birds - I'm Wired
Shinobu - Violence House
The Darkness - Roaring Waters
Jabber - Grool
Night Birds - Blank Eyes
Night Birds - In the Red/In The Black
Shinobu - 9 Thermidor
Yeehaw - Whatever, Dude
Jeff Rosenstock - You, In Weird Cities
Tenement - Garden of Secrecy
Horrible Things - Laundry Detergent
Horrible Things - Twelve Screens
Yeehaw! - Underdog Season
Bong Mountain - Pariah Carey

Oct 30, 2015
Wwounds - Summertime '91
The Copyrights - Try So Hard
Not Scientists - Disconnect the Dots
Chixdiggit - Hot N Horny
City Mouse - Gemini
The Murderburgers - All My Friends Are Dying
Masked Intruder - ADT Security
The Unlovables - Skip a Stone
Kurt Baker - Why You Gotta Lie
Giant Eagles - Got Stabbed​
Oct 23, 2015

C-Fabs is solo once more in a classic 30-minute WQ to get your weekend started right!

This week:

Horrible Things - I Avoided It
The Unlovables - Miracle Braves
Jabber - Grool
Dark Thoughts - The Sound
Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
Direct Hit - Say Whatever
Dead Mechanical - Information In
The Difficult Brown - Stand Up
Wonk Unit - Kings Road Sporting Heroes
Double Dagger - Heretic's Hymn​
Oct 16, 2015

C-Fabs and special guest co-host Jen Perkins bring you a double-wide episode of WEEKENDquality! Ten hot tunes plus the intoxicated ramblings of your beloved host!

Cayetana - Hot Dad Calendar

Pup - Reservoir

Vacation - Decaying

Hospital Job - Tell Me Four Things About Yourself

Beach Slang - Bad Art and Weird Ideas

Pears - Snowflake

Skinny Genes - Words With Friends With Benefits

Iron Chic - Y's

The Creeps - Car Crash

Dillinger Four - A Jingle for the Product​

Oct 9, 2015

What even is pop punk? 

I mostly listen to Wu-Tang Clan and Electric Wizard.

Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon, feat. Solomon Childs and Streetlife - Smooth Sailing (Remix)
Electric Wizard - The Satanic Rites of Drugula
Czarface feat. Method Man - Nightcrawler
Electric Wizard - Funeralopolis
RZA and MF Doom - Biochemical Equasion
Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. RZA - Skrilla
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder

Raekwon - Butter Knives

Oct 2, 2015

WEEKENDquality goes "quiet storm" this week with the impending landfall of Hurricane Joaquin. Except not quiet.


Mean Jeans - Terminally Twisted
Potato Rocket - Vindictive Feelings
Dan Vapid and the Cheats - In a Heartbeat
Joyce Manor - Heart Tattoo
Safety Razors - We've Got Problems
Dirty Blonde - Black Hole
Kepi Ghoulie - Part Time Romeo
Steve Adamyk Band - Waiting for the Top
Skinny Genes - Stallage
Warm Needles - You Messed With the Wrong Shapeshifter​
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