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Dec 30, 2016
THE BIGGEST WEEKEND QUALITY EPISODES OF THE YEAR REACH THEIR INCONCEIVABLE CONCLUSION! Chris FINALLY counts down his Top 5 albums of 2016 and talks to the artists who made them. Plus, you'll hear punk rock recommendations from the punk rock masters. And if that wasn't enough, all the best songs of the year!

Be sure to listen to last week's episode for PART 1!

(Spoilers ahead.)
Interviews with:
Big Eyes
Mean Jeans
Fraser Murderburger (The Murderburgers)
Nick Woods (Direct Hit)
Mikey Erg

Music by:
Sea Lilies - Nothing Gets You Furious
Big Eyes - Stake My Claim
Big Eyes - Leave This Town
Mikey Erg - (This Is Not) The First Time
Dinosaur Jr. - Goin' Down
Crocodiles - Jumping on Angels
The Turnbucklers - Let it go
Mean Jeans - Croozin'
Mean Jeans - Long Dumb Road
Green Day - J.A.R.
Big Eyes - Curse Of The Tides
Mitski - Your Best American Girl
Bleached - Wasted On You
The Murderburgers - 8am Headlights
The Murderburgers - December Ruined Everything
Sonic Avenues - Dancing In the Sun
!ATTENTION! - Take The Long Way Home
Wonk Unit - Awful Jeans
The Creeps - Full Shook
Direct Hit - Artificial Confidence
Direct Hit - Bleach Music
Mind Spiders - Ulcer
Savages - Evil
A Giant Dog - Sleep When Dead
Mikey Erg - Song For New Britain
Mikey Erg - Boys & Girls & Tentative Decisions
Contributions by:
Lucas Carscadden (Sea Lilies)
Shannon Perez (I Hope You Die, Side Bitch, New Shannon Perez Band)
Freddy Unreal (The Turnbucklers)
Matt Dorsey (Sea Liles)
Brian Gorsegner (Night Birds)
Hallie Bulleit (The Unlovables, Hiccup)
Alex Holland (Gulps)
Aaron Stormo (The Emersons)
Jordy Oswald (The Creeps, Crvsades)
Tim Reynolds (Horrible Things)
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)
Dec 23, 2016

THE BIGGEST WEEKEND QUALITY EPISODES OF THE YEAR ARE HERE! Chris counts down his Top 10 albums of 2016 and talks to the artists who made them. Plus, luminaries from across the punk rock galaxy of stars check in with their favorites, and all the best songs of the year get played for your enjoyment!

Come back next week for part 2!

(Spoilers ahead.)

Music by:
The Battery Electric - Modern Girls
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Mid 20's Skateboarder
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Asshole Pandemic
Descendents - Spineless and Scarlet Red
John K. Samson - 17th St. Treatment Centre
Jagger Holly - Shut Up and Kiss Me
The Manges - Body Bags 2
Mind Spiders - Rip It Out
Mind Spiders - Nothing Without It
Geza X - We Need More Power
Ramones - Loudmouth (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)
Beyoncé - 6 Inch
Psychic Teens - Everything
Martha - Goldman's Detective Agency
Martha -  11: 45, Legless in Brandon
Partial Traces - Dashi Bay
Problem Daughter - Lousy Smarch Weather
Mad Anthony feat. Honah Lee - Someone Cool As You
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
Joyce Manor - Fake I.D.
Joyce Manor - Stairs
The Bumpin' Uglies - Reelin' in the Beers
Psychic Teens - Winter Grey
Chvrches - Never Ending Circles
Sonic Avenues - Future
Steve Adamyk Band - Fallen Off
Steve Adamyk Band -  Carry On
Sea Lilies - Marble Foundations
Apogee Sound Club - Go Ahead It's Okay
Green Day - Bang Bang (Live at the AMA's)
Tacocat - I Hate the Weekend

Contributions by:
Corey Meyers (The Barren Marys)
Joe Decarolis (Psychic Teens, Hurry, Exmaid)
John Proffitt Jr. (Mom's Basement Records)
Max Desharnais (Sonic Avenues)
Rookie Rochelle (The Young Rochelles)
Tiffany Tavella (Teenage Bigfoot)
Miski Dee (City Mouse)
Erika Atrophy (The Jantones, The Day the Lake Caught Fire, The Holy Savior Club)
Tim Hoh (Honah Lee)
Drew Crowley (The Hourchive Podcast)
Miranda Taylor (Black Wine, Exmaid)
Joel Reader (Pansy Division, The Fatal Flaw)
Jesse Rhodes (Potato Rocket)
Kyle Serlington (Universal Monsters)
Dec 16, 2016

Chris roasts chestnuts with Shannon Perez (Side Bitch, I Hope You Die, Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun, New Shannon Perez Band). The #babeoftheyear is revealed, Chris gets socks, Shannon gets "crunk," and you get rock'n'roll for Christmas:

Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today
The Dickies - Silent Night
They Might Be Giants - Santa's Beard
Sloppy Seconds - Hooray For Santa Claus
The Kinks - Father Christmas
Lemuria - Home For the Holidays
Joey Ramone - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas
Bouncing Souls / Weston - Do They Know It's Christmas
Bing Crosby and David Bowie - Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

Dec 2, 2016

While Chris prepares the Best of 2016 specials, the dystopic duo of J Nixon (Nervous Triggers, Black Wine, Blankside, Wake Up Sheep People podcast) and Jay Insult (Nervous Triggers, Streams of Whiskey Gigs & DJ Nights) fills in. Prepare your palate for the saltiest and sweetest in punk rock.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Get Rad
The Pathogens - Freaks on the Street
The Lovesongs- D
Psychic Teens- Tarnish
Exmaid - Sports
Blankside- Video
Finchler - Mr. Death
Coneheads - Notha Thing
War on Women - You Don't Tell Me How To Live
Nervous Triggers - Do The Drool

Nov 18, 2016

Highlights from the Weekend Quality Live with Sonic Avenues, Steve Adamyk Band, Gulps, and City Pool!

City Pool
Wipe It Down
Last Stab

Kiss Me Thru the Phone

Steve Adamyk Band
Through My Fingers
Forever Won't Wait
I Fought For the USA
Better Off

Sonic Avenues
Death Trap
Burn Like Fire
Illusions: The System
This Is Your Way Out
X Your Manners

Recorded at the Pharmacy, Philadelphia, November 2, 2016. Recorded by Garret Price. Live sound and vocals engineered by Bill Logicalfrog. Edited by Chris Fabulous. Co-executive producer Shannon Perez.

Nov 2, 2016

TONIGHT! WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2! THE PHARMACY! 18th AND WHARTON, PHILADELPHIA! WEEKEND QUALITY LIVE! Chris is pumped for the show, playing hits from the acts that will perform, as well as some more of his favorite punk rock tunes!

Sonic Avenues - Future
Melted - Old Lady Avenue
Mean Jeans - Michael Jackson Was Tight
Truant Minds - Waiting
Joyce Manor - Reversing Machine
Ex-Cult - Government Birdcage
Steve Adamyk Band - Lose Control
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Hangin' Out
Sea Lilies - Hate the Smell
Gulps - Bummer

Oct 21, 2016

Listen if you dare! It's the WQ Halloween Spooktacular, featuring the way to total reality-transcending happiness, and obviously the best bone-chilling punk rock from the likes of:

Big Eyes - Leave This Town
Steve Adamyk Band - If I Wanted To
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles
The Turnbucklers - All The Time
Four Lights - White Girl Wasted
Kitty Kat Fan Club - Take the World I'm Coming Home With You
Go Deep - It's Ending Soon
Sonic Avenues - Tunnel Vision
Teenage Bigfoot - No Office In the Wild
Psychiatric Metaphors - The Parasite

Oct 7, 2016

Chris throws a little hissy fit. Of course there's also punk rock music from all your favorites!

Night Birds - One Eye
Bad Sports - Don't Get Your Hopes Up
Color TV - Meat Wagon
I Hope You Die - Blue
Dog Party - Enough
Culture Abuse - Turn It Off
School Damage - Shoot Your Eye Out
The Dopamines - Dave Wipfler
The '94 Knicks - Don't Worry
The Murderburgers - The Waves

Sep 23, 2016

Your humble host, "C-Fab," becomes possessed by the Holy Spirit of punk rock and plays the greatest damn music you ever heard in your damn life. He also talks about the Misfits reunion and his experience seeing Pansy Division this week.

The Battery Electric - Modern Girls
Mikey Erg - Faulty Metaphor
Black Wine - Solar Flare
Bong Mountain — Shit Talk Brigade
Sea Lilies - Use Anything
Young Rochelles - Not Any Use
Crazy & the Brains - Brain Freeze
The Mr. T Experience - Cinthya (with a Y)
Pansy Division - Blame the Bible
Steve Adamyk Band - Through My Fingers

Plus, don't forget:
Sonic Avenues
Steve Adamyk Band
City Pool
November 2 at the Pharmacy
18th and Wharton, Philadelphia





Sep 9, 2016

Joe Decarolis (Hurry, Psychic Teens) kicks it with Chris and shares music from several corners of his big collection.

Parquet Courts - No, No, No!
Notches - Don't Care About You
The Hotelier - Goodness Pt. 2
case/lang/veirs - Best Kept Secret
Readership - Weeds
Strange Relations - Weeknites
Humanshapes - Holy Mortars
Shopping - Why Wait
RAKTA - Filhas Do Fogo
Antarctigo Vespucci - I See Failure

Plus, don't forget:
Sonic Avenues
Steve Adamyk Band
City Pool
November 2 at the Pharmacy
18th and Wharton, Philadelphia

Aug 26, 2016

Oh, snap! It's the announcement for the next Weekend Quality Live show! November 2 at the Pharmacy with Sonic Avenues, Steve Adamyk Band and more!

Then Chris waxes (and wanes) about when execution doesn't live up to ambition, and how incredible it can be. Plus: all your new favorite punk songs!

Sass Dragons - Up the Nose
Sonic Avenues - In Your Head
Radioactivity - I Know
GULPS - Kiss Me Thru the Phone
Nervous Triggers - Risk Oblivious Youth (demo)
Jagwar Pirates - Rocket Surf
Sick Shit - Playboy
Punch - Personal Space
Big Eyes - When You Were 25
Shellshag - Forever

Aug 12, 2016

Chris explores the benefits of knowing that nothing works out, plus wall-to-wall punk rock hits.

Steve Adamyk Band - Die Dead Forever
Descendents - Days Of Desperation
Night Birds - Unavoidable Filth
Culture Abuse - Perfect Light
Ex Hex - Everywhere
The Creeps - Full Shook
Martha - Precarious (Supermarket Song)
Pujol - Mayday
The Transgressions - I Don't Wanna Be
Gulps - Lesson Learned


There's fun to be had on the WQ Instagram! Cheek it out!


Saturday August 13, 8 PM

I Hope You Die
City Pool
Alpha Rabbit

Buddies Tavern
Sayreville, NJ

Click here for event details.

Aug 5, 2016

A tech snafu, and an oopsie, and here we are. Instead of the anticipated live tracks from last week's event, we have studio recordings that are still better than anything you're ever gonna do, so why are you complaining?

Hot Blood - Cop In a Tank
The Hellstroms - I Hate Your Mom
The Jantones - Something Earthy and Crude
Andross - It's Midnight and We're Home
High Heels - Gloved Killer

Jul 22, 2016

In this super-sized episode, Chris celebrates a milestone by and playing music from the bands to be featured at Weekend Quality Live (tonight, July 22, at the Pharmacy, Philadelphia), others.


Trophy Lungs - The Big Eddie
GLOSS - Fight
Andross - Bulletcatcher
Jantones - Myself, When I'm Down
Problem Daughter - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Direct Hit! - Do The Sick
Backseat Angels - My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind
The Hellstroms - I Come Out At Night
Phylums - Stutter Bug
La Luz - Pink Slime
Pkkw Pkew Pkew - Before We Go Out Drinking
High Heels - Night Shift
All Dogs - That Kind if Girl
Lash Outs - Bondage of Self
Descendents- Victim Of Me
Hot Blood - Chemical Solution

Jul 8, 2016

Erika Atrophy (Jantones, The Hellstroms) steps in to save the day while Chris is busy putting the finishing touches on the new Hellstroms EP.

The Exploding Hearts- Modern Kicks
Kurt Baker- Why You Gotta Lie
Weezer- Brightening Day
The Allstonians- Martinis For Two
Radiation City- Milky White
Darwin Deez- Last Cigarette
Andross- Glass Elephant
Tiger Army- Candy Ghosts
Sizzy Rocket- Bestie
Jantones- Nowhere To Go But Fucked Up


July 22 at the Pharmacy
18th and Wharton, Philadephia

Hot Blood
The Hellstroms
The Jantones
High Heels

Jun 24, 2016

Chris takes to the (naked) beach life and wards off (naked) raccoons.

Vacation - Better Days
Direct Hit - Was It the Acid?
Ty Segall - You're the Doctor
Be My Doppelganger - Discount Psychoanalysis
Wringer - Eazy-E Had Nights Like This
The Slow Death - Hang Up The Phone
Guantanamo Baywatch - Mr. Rebel
Tight Bros - Pig Roast
The Murderburgers - My Name Is Elbows
High Heels - I Drive the Hearse

Jun 17, 2016

C-Fab cuts to the point and gets to the bone. Music from all your brand new favorites, and a visit from a real classic. Plus, the label spotlight turns to Phratry Records.

Rotten Mind - Damaged State of Mind
Toys That Kill - I Don't Wanna Be Around
Fucked Up - A Light That Never Comes On
A.M. Nice - Balance
Maple Stave - Townsend
Knife The Symphony - Fade Away
Yeah Bud!!! - Waste My Daze
The Hex Dispensers - Personality X-Ray
Fake Boyfriend - Wax
Ex-Cult - Clinical Study

Hot Blood
The Hellstroms
The Jantones
High Heels
Weekend Quality Live
July 22 at the Pharmacy
18th and Wharton, Philadephia

Label Spotlight:
Phratry Records

Jun 10, 2016

Chris lets you know about the best way to give him money, the fact that he doesn't have any money, the most underrated Ramone, and what it might mean to call something "black music."

A Giant Dog - Sleep When Dead
Martha - Chekhov's Hangnail
Biffers - Bubblegum
The Spits - Tonight
Useless Eaters - Dungeon
Grim Deeds feat. Jim Testa - So, Listen, Ben
Breaklights - Mainstay
Mikey Erg - Boys & Girls & Tentative Decisions
CJ Ramone - Understand Me
Modern Baseball - Just Another Face

Jun 3, 2016

Chris makes his return to talk about rocker n00dz, the Label Spotlight™ segment, and sits backwards in his chair and turns his hat around to relate to you damn kids and your mental problems.

Radioactivity - Don't Try
Boner City - Sour Fuck
Dead Stars - Calm Punk
The Putz - Your Spaceship's Taking Off
Tough - Destiny
Horror Section - Forever Close
Black Flamingos - Devil's Punch Bowl
Mind Spiders - Running
Psychic Teens - EVERYTHING
A.M. Nice - Spin It Like A Coin

May 27, 2016

We're back! Jim Testa ( takes his finger of the pulse of rock and roll just long enough to fill in for Chris. He plays all the newest and best punk, and one apropos classic.

Screeching Weasel - First Day Of Summer
Grim Deeds - Surrounded By Assholes
Bluffing - Older and Colder
The Regrets - Jacaranda
Diarrhea Planet - Hammer of the Gods
Gotobeds - Bodies
The Everymen - Nick Lower
Beach Slang - Hard Luck Kid
Night Birds - Sex Tape
Mikey Erg - Comme Si About Me

Apr 29, 2016

Highlights from the WEEKENDqualityLIVE, recorded at the Pharmacy, April 22, 2016. Recorded by Steve Layman.

Hard Dying Habits
Absurdity in Everything
Bastards and Bleeding Hearts

Side Bitch:
Broken Memories
Like a 90's Movie
When You Were Mine
Erotic Novels on a Saturday Night

Fuck Dis
Steady Diet Of Sugar
It's Over Now

Mikey Erg:
I Could Never Take the Place Of Your Man
An Abundance of Julies
Apart Time
Resisting Tyrannical Government
Comme Si About Me

Apr 22, 2016

Who gives a care what Chris talks about? Tonight is Weekend Quality Live!



April 22, 2016
The Pharmacy
18th and Wharton, Philadelphia

On this week's podcast:

Podacter - Living Infants
Mean Jeans - Now I Wanna Be Yr Dogg
White Reaper - Wolf Trap Hotel
Mikey Erg - Song Against Ian Raymond
Pujol - Rock and Roll Huey Long
Big Eyes - Wanted Sometimes
Direct Hit - Forced to Sleep
Shockwaves - Like That
Goddamnit - Citywide
Side Bitch - Summer Love 2015

Apr 15, 2016

Jen "The Talent" recounts her most recent bouts with anxiety, the amount of time she has for stupid mother fuckers, and brings you a rapid-fire Netflix movie roundup inspired by a boy on the East Coast. Plus, some excellent punk rock!

Spruce Bringsteen - God Bless Destruction
Trophy Lungs - Exit 28
The Copyrights - Never Move Your Back Row
Nervosas - Moral Panic
RVIVR - Real Mean
Dingus - Wherefore Art Thou Jerks
Rational Anthem - I Wish I Could Be Happy
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Rip You to Shreds
Hospital Job - First Place in Competitive Grave Digging
Royal Headache - Wouldn't You Know

Apr 8, 2016

Chris spits it solo to discuss his sensual aesthetic, to ponder rocking locally, and say goodbye to an old friend. Don't forget, Weekend Quality LIVE is coming to the Pharmacy in Philly with Mikey Erg, Goddamnit, Podacter, and Side Bitch on April 22!

School Damage - Colour Me Regressed
Gymshorts - Scumdog
Hot Blood - Class Warfare
Guantanamo Baywatch - Boy Like Me
Tacocat - Psychedelic Quinceañera
Hound - Little One
Bleached - For the Feel
Sheer Mag - Worth The Tears
Sunshine and the Rain - Can't Stop Thinking About You
Pool Party - Favorite Girls

Apr 1, 2016

Chris and guest Shannon Perez (Side Bitch, I Hope You Die, Strange Things Done In the Midnight Sun) talk about cactus disasters, the guy from Third Eye Blind's third eye, podcast outfits, and WEEKEND QUALITY LIVE, April 22 at the Pharmacy in Philadelphia. With music!

Plus, review Weekend Quality on iTunes for a chance to co-host an episode with us!

The Dopamines - Try This Kids At Home

Podacter - Die Yuppy Scum

Erika Atrophy - No Luck

Beach Slang - Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas

No Parents - Bully Girl

Occult Detective Club - Third Way

Jetty Boys - Gimme Your Love

The Heat Tape - 21st Century Turd

Dirty Fences - White Lies

King Tuff - Screaming Skull

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